Dean's Advisory Board - Member Profile

Kurt A. StrobeleDr. Kurt A. Strobele

Dr. Kurt A. Strobele is currently chairman of the Hatch Group of companies. Hatch is a global engineering, technologies, and execution company with 11,000 employees working in three sectors: Metals, Energy and Infrastructure. During Dr. Strobele's tenure as Chairman and CEO (2003-2011) Hatch grew from 3,500 employees to 11,000. Service organisations were added in Brazil, Peru, the Middle East, Russia, and India. Kurt has held several senior positions within Hatch, including, Vice-President of Computer Systems; Vice-President of Engineering; Managing Director of Industrial Minerals; and Managing Director of Light Metals, which included scale-up and commercialization of new processes.

Kurt has been with Hatch since 1973, when he joined the firm after receiving his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, from McMaster University. He had received his B.Sc., Engineering, Cum Laude, from Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1968.

Kurt has 40 years of design and project management experience and as a leader of scale-ups for innovative processes and technologies around the world.