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Joe LiburdiJoe Liburdi

Joseph Liburdi graduated in 1967 from the University of Windsor with a B.S. Degree in Engineering Materials. After graduation he joined Westinghouse Canada, where, as Manager of the metallurgical section, he was responsible for the metallurgical support to the gas and steam turbine departments, as well as for HIP process development.

Joseph Liburdi left Westinghouse to form Liburdi Engineering Ltd. in 1979; to provide independent support for turbine users. Liburdi has pioneered the development of life assessment techniques, HIP rejuvenation of superalloys, automated welding of turbine blades, powder metallurgy joining processes, erosion resistant PVD coatings, and CVD coatings for internal/external oxidation protection.

Joe Liburdi has a long-standing affiliation with McMaster University. This relationship is based on a shared regard for the importance of research and development in establishing a strong technical base for the business, while providing challenging opportunities for new graduates.

Liburdi Engineering provides a diverse range of turbine services, metallurgical analysis, mechanical design, performance monitoring, repair development and corporate research and development. Their services in the turbine industry complement those offered by the original engine manufacturers while providing the added benefit of an independent engineering analysis and advanced, life extending, refurbishment processes and coatings.