Be in the Know This Year

September 3, 2010

A big welcome to all the new students joining the Faculty of Engineering this fall.  Glad to see you made it.  Glad that you’re here.

And a big welcome back to all the returning students, and to faculty and staff.  For you, the fun just never stops.

It looks like it’s going to be another busy year with lots of events, activities and announcements.  Some are already underway and others are just starting to percolate in the back of somebody’s active mind. 

If you want to keep up with everything that’s going on, there’s no shortage of ways to do it (thanks, in part, to all the cutting-edge technologies engineers keep dreaming up). 

So, here’s a short list of Faculty and university web sites and news services that will keep you up to speed in the coming year:  Yes, the Faculty home page. Keep an eye on it for Faculty news, announcements and highlights.  You’ll also find out what some of your fellow students are up to, as well as professors, researchers and staff.  If you have something big happening or a major achievement, just send an email to  You’re already familiar with this site.  The McMaster Engineering Society has made it their priority to divert your attention from your studies.  But seriously, your Council does a tremendous amount of work to promote the engineering profession and supports all types of clubs and services to develop camaraderie and for you to gain work and life experiences.  This is an invaluable gateway to the academic information and processes you’ll need to reference as you progress through your studies.  It can be a little rigid but it’s for your own good.  Honest!  Always is a good time to be thinking of your career.  Engineering Co-op and Career Services has an ongoing series of seminars, company briefings, job postings, and career advice that will help you on your way.  The Engineering Alumni office always has great events.  If you’re interested in attending, or helping out, just give them a shout.  You’ll be talking to them about your engineering ring before you graduate, so be nice.

Department and School home pages and news sites – There are too many to list here but they are a great source for important news and activities in your department or area of study.  Prime pages for bookmarking.  If you want to know what is up on campus, this is the place to go. The Daily News keeps us all up to speed on what’s happening at McMaster.  They say it best:  “MacInsiders is a student-run online community for McMaster University students. The site features student views on campus life, advice and tips, plus discussions on thousands of topics.”  This is the spot to get the inside scoop from your fellow students.   The online home of The Silhouette, McMaster University’s student-run newspaper for the past 80 years.  You’ll find a new edition at news stands across campus every Thursday (or Friday, if they’re late).  Hey, about some copies for ETB?  93.3 FM, CFMU, the home of McMaster campus radio.  Tune it in, all day, all night.

And to find out what is happening in the City of Hamilton, check out The Hamilton Spectator (free copies on campus for students), CHCH TV, VIEW Magazine, Hamilton Magazine, and any of the many radio stations in the area catering to all musical styles and tastes.

If I missed anyone, sorry.  Just ran out of space and time.

Hope everyone has a great year!


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