McMaster Demos Robots at Ontario Science Centre

November 16, 2010

Two groups from McMaster Engineering will be participating in Robots Rule Weekend at the Ontario Science Centre this Saturday and Sunday, November 20 and 21.

Shahin Sirouspour, professor of electrical and computer engineering, leads a group demonstrating Medical Robotics, Telerobotics and Haptics Systems.  Ph.D. students Pawel Malysz and Ramin Mafi are also participating.  (See below for more details.)

Prof. Ishwar Singh from the McMaster-Mohawk Bachelor of Technology Building will be demonstrating a First-Response HAZMAT Robot Prototype.  Blair Varga, Kyle Jimmink, and Steve Melnyk, all fourth-year process automation students in the program, are working on this project. (See below for more details.)

The Robots Rule Weekend will feature:

  • the Canadian National Robot Games, the largest public robotics competition in Canada;
  • FIRST Robotics Canada’s FIRST Lego League (FLL) challenge for elementary schools and FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) challenge for high schools;
  • robotics developers from many colleges and universities showcasing their latest developments in robotics for new and amazing uses.

Robotic competition events and demonstrations will run daily from 11:00 to 4:00  in the P&G Great Hall and Imperial Oil Auditorium.

Medical Robotics, Telerobotics and Haptics Systems

Three hands-on demonstrations have been created by this group.  They include:

i) Telerobotic Mirror:  Interact with two haptic pantograph devices programmed to move in mirrored motions. Play a telerobotic tug-of-war with your friends.

ii) Haptic Virtual Die:  Feel the extra dimension of force feedback in virtual reality. Turn gravity on and off and experience what a die feels like in space. 



iii)  Robot Monkey-See Monkey-Do:  Teach Quall-e, our latest lab robot, to mimic your movement. Test Quall-e's memory and see how well he reproduces your motions.

MacBot -- First-Response HAZMAT Robot Prototype

Blair, Kyle and Steve are helping to design a first-response robot for industrial accidents for their class project. The robot is being designed to meet such basic requirements as conducting surveillance, and collecting and analyzing gas samples from a hazardous environment.

More details »

The robot is a prototype which is a simple surveillance and remote communication robot.  It is the prototype for a large double robot they are building for the HAZMAT Fire Department in Hamilton. 

Pictures and videos of the current larger project »

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