Digital Media Institute to Open with Silicon Knights, AGH

June 17, 2010

Computing and Software faculty will be a major part of a proposed institute for digital media that was announced today.

Game developer Silicon Knights, the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Mohawk College and the Faculties of Engineering and Humanities at McMaster signed a memorandum of understanding to create Eight: The Hamilton Institute for Interactive Digital Media.  The agreement calls for the Institute to be located at McMaster Innovation Park and open in 2011.

The purpose of the Institute is to bring together the skills and expertise for researching, teaching and creating digital media technologies.  Another major goal is to attract talent, resources and funding to the Hamilton region that will develop an interactive digital media industry.

Faculty initially involved from the Department of Computing and Software include professors Jacques Carette, Mark Lawford, Tom Maibaum and Alan Wassyng.

Eight: The Hamilton Institute for Interactive Digital Media is being developed by Silicon Knights, Art Gallery of Hamilton, McMaster Univesity, and Mohawk College.


The joint venture centres on the development of what Silicon Knights has termed the "8th Art," art that develops technology and creativity beyond the moving image, such as film, and adds interactivity.  

Read the Silicon Knights news release.

Read McMaster’s news release.

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