Computer Engineering Grad Creates Popular iPhone Game

April 28, 2009

iPhone users can put their creativity and word power to the test thanks to a new game developed by Syed Jafri, a computer engineering graduate from McMaster University.

Stitch'em Words Ultimate Edition is a new and improved version of the popular first-edition word game that involves 'stitching' together pictures and letters to form words in a Rebus style of communication. For example, add a picture of a star with the letter E and you have the word STARE. There are hundreds of levels and bonus rounds to appeal to all levels of users. Read more HERE or visit

Syed graduated in 2008 with his B.Eng. in Computer Engineering. He is currently working as a design engineer for AZCAR Technologies in Markham and developing games on the side.

"Before coming to McMaster, I used to hate programming and I would avoid it at all cost," said Syed. "However, the interesting and challenging assignments during my time at mac sparked an interest in me, and I found myself writing small scripts for every little task that tend to get repetitive. McMaster has some of the best instructors in the world, and you learn so much more than just reading the books."

Stitch'em Words Ultimate Edition 2.0 for iPhone is only $1.99 (USD) and is available exclusively through Apple's App Store, April 1, 2009.





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