McMaster Engineering: Excellence in experiential learning featured at North American engineering education conference

June 20, 2014

The American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) presented a video this week during the 2014 annual conference.

The video features McMaster Engineering as a Faculty known for innovation in teaching. It highlights but a few of the many inspiring stories of the Faculty’s successful incorporation of experiential learning and creative, problem-based inquiry into the curriculum.

Of special note, the 6-minute ASEE video illustrates the work of assistant professor Dr. Robert Fleisig, and includes a case study drawn from the Level I Engineering Profession and Practice (1P03) course. Several projects by Dr. Fleisig's students in this course have received significant media attention because of their positive impact on the broader community. Many of the projects create very practical, real-world solutions that clients use after the course is completed. Most recently, Dr. Fleisig was recognized by the University as a 2014 recipient of the President’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching & Learning.

McMaster Engineering is committed to excellence in engineering education, learning and discovery. Within and outside the traditional classroom environment, faculty and staff foster a student-centred, research-focused culture that values engaged learning and relevant discovery.  Through this culture, students are empowered to apply engineering ingenuity, empathy and creativity as they solve real-world, open-ended, and complex problems for the betterment of society.

The dean of engineering, Dr. Ishwar Puri believes that the Faculty's students and alumni are instrumental in finding solutions for the grand challenges that our world faces.

"As dean, I take great pride in our collective efforts to inspire future engineers to become engaged citizen scholars who are transforming the world."