McMaster drives to success at EcoCAR 3 Competition

by Haleigh Longo
June 2, 2017

McMaster Engineering
McMaster’s environmentally friendly Chevrolet Camaro

A McMaster University student team travelled to Detroit and Washington, DC to take part in Year 3 of the EcoCAR 3 Advanced Vehicle Technology competition from May 14 to 25.

The four-year competition challenges 16 North American university teams to redesign a more environmentally friendly Chevrolet Camaro. Teams are composed of engineering, business and communications students. McMaster is one of only two Canadian teams in the competition.

This year, each team’s car was inspected and tested on a variety of factors including dynamic safety, acceleration and performance testing, and energy consumption. They were also judged on technical, communications and project management presentations. In addition, participants competed in a thrilling Autocross event at the General Motors Milford Proving Grounds.

“Throughout the first three years of competition we have had hundreds of McMaster Engineering students contribute towards the project and it was amazing to see all of the hard work pay off,” said Alison Bayzat, the team’s project manager and Electrical Engineering and Society student.

McMaster Engineering
The McMaster EcoCAR Team

“For the last year of the competition, all teams are striving towards producing a 99% complete vehicle that appeals to consumers within our target market. Our team will also focus on our goal of optimising our vehicle, the "E/28", whose performance aims to rival the Z/28 track-ready Camaro. The team won several awards this year, including:

    • 2017 Team to Watch Award 
    • Excellence in Leadership: John Reimers
    • 1st Place Siemens PLM Excellence Award
    • 2nd Place Innovation Award
    • 3rd Place dSpace Embedded Success Award

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