Twelve New Faculty in 12 Months

April 26, 2011

Twelve months. Twelve new faculty members. From July, 2010 to July, 2011, twelve new faculty will have joined the Faculty of Engineering, four of whom are female faculty. That will bring the total number of faculty members to 152.

Four new faculty came aboard in 2010, two in Engineering and two in the Bachelor of Technology program. They include Thomas Adams II, assistant professor of chemical engineering and Francisco Perez-Pinal assistant professor, electrical and computer engineering. Nem Stefanovic and Chi Tang started as assistant professors in the Bachelor of Technology program.

So far in 2011, three new faculty have started. They include: Emily Cranston assistant professor of chemical engineering; Eu-Gene Ng assistant professor of mechanical engineering and Bachelor of Technology program; and Cheryl Quenneville assistant professor of mechanical engineering.  

Between May and July of this year, another five faculty are scheduled to start. They are: Ali Emadi professor in both mechanical and electrical engineering and Canada Excellence Research Chair in Hybrid Powertrain; Dimitrios Konstantinidis, assistant professor of civil engineering; Saiedeh Razavi, assistant professor of civil engineering; Leyla Soleymani, assistant professor of engineering physics; and Jie Yu, assistant professor of chemical engineering.

Stay tuned. At least another three faculty are expected to start in early to mid 2012.

Cheryl Quenneville (top-left), Emily Cranston (top-right), Thomas Adams II (bottom-left) and Francisco Perez-Pinel (bottom-right) are some of the new faculty members in the Faculty of Engineering.

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