J.W. Hodgins Lecture Events: Morning Workshop & Panel

Workshop with Dave Goldberg

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When: Tuesday, March 15, 2016  9:00AM-10:30AM
Where: Celebration Hall, Kenneth Taylor Hall, Room B116

Title: Crucial Shift (Don’t-Call-Them-Soft) Skills for Success in Fast-Paced Times
Facilitator:  Dave Goldberg, President, ThreeJoy.com

Description: We live in times of upheaval and change in which the value, cost, and time investment in a university degree is increasingly being questioned and the nature of a career in teaching or research is changing and uncertain.  This highly interactive and lively session explores some of the crucial shift don’t-call-them-soft) skills necessary for understanding the times and having the agility to weather the storm.  In particular, the session explores NLQ = noticing + listening + questioning skills through a sequence of pairwise and table wise exercises in which participants learn to notice, listen, and question in deeper ways that provide a solid foundation for career sustenance, management, and advance.  

Join Coach Dave Goldberg, co-author of A Whole New Engineer:  The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education, for this 1.5-hour session for immediate positive impact on academic and professional career success.

Exploring the Student Experience: Expert Panel

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When: Tuesday March 15, 10:45AM – 12 PM
Where: Celebration Hall, Kenneth Taylor Hall, Room B116

Title: Exploring the student experience:  What is the value of higher education outside the classroom?
Panel moderator: Ishwar K. Puri, Dean of Engineering, McMaster University

Description: Please join in us in a discussion of how post secondary institutions can break down the barriers between academic and emotional development and between learning that takes place inside and outside the classroom, and encourage student interaction and collaboration across academic disciplines. How institutions can evaluate the success of these efforts to provide a more holistic approach to education will also be examined.

Meet the panelists:

David Goldberg David Goldberg - In 2010, Dave Goldberg resigned his tenure and distinguished professorship at the University of Illinois to help transform engineering education and higher education more generally in alignment with the creativity imperative of the 21st century. Dave works with administrators, faculty, and students to bring a new level of student and faculty engagement to classrooms the world over.  Dave is author or co-author of several books including his most recent, A Whole New Engineer: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education. He also hosts a weekly radio program, Big Beacon Radio, Transforming Higher Education on VoiceAmerica.com business channel.
Mary Dwyer Mary Dwyer – Senior editor at Maclean’s, responsible for the popular but controversial university rankings. She also works on the annual Student Issue and the Canadian Universities Guidebook. She began her career at Maclean’s with a part-time job in the research department while completing a master’s degree in drama.
Ken Coley

Ken Coley – Ken Coley is responsible for all of the undergraduate programs offered by the Faculty of Engineering.  His portfolio includes admissions, curriculum development, administration of academic regulations, review of student progress, special accommodations for students and any other issues that directly impact undergraduate students.

Ryan Rogers

Ryan Rogers – President of the McMaster Engineering Society and fourth year of Mechanical Engineering and Management. As president, Rogers’ responsibilities include maintaining the integrity of the society as well as ensuring that the council operates in a safe and responsible manner. Rogers has also held the positions of Vice President External, Associate Vice President of Clubs and Sponsors and First Year Representative.