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McMaster University

Do you enjoy engineering?

Engineering & You

Why Engineering?

  • Engineers design and build much of the world around us.
  • Engineers are problem solvers found in every line of work, improving lives through science.
  • Engineering contributes to every industrial sector around the globe.
  • Engineers enjoy career opportunities in diverse and rewarding fields.

Meet Our Students!

Eva, Mech Eng & Management"I was very drawn to the amazing community, beautiful campus, and the support upper year Engineering students provided me even before I chose Mac Eng in my grade 12 year."

Eva, Mechanical Engineering & Management

Graeme, Software Society"Multiple people have complimented me for not being a ‘typical engineer’ and I think McMaster Engineering’s Software & Society program is partially to thank for that. Being considerate and mindful while practicing engineering is important, especially as we continue to be a more connected world"

Graeme, Software Engineering & Society

Why MCMASTER Engineering?

Hannah, Eng Phys"Even just visiting McMaster, you can tell that everyone here is passionate about the Engineering community. That passion translates to people supporting one another, and working really hard to improve our community through clubs, teams, and our engineering society. That’s the kind of people I wanted to be surrounded by."

Hannah, Engineering Physics

Matt, Chem & Society"Chemical Engineering is heavily involved in various industries that interest me. This includes food processing, pharmaceuticals, and water filtration. Like other streams, it is always cool to see things you’ve learned about being used in the real world."

Matt, Chemical Engineering & Society