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McMaster University

Solar Car team at the 2009 World Solar Challenge across the Australian Outback

Student Life

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Studying engineering is a challenging and rewarding experience. It's important to stay balanced and to get involved with social and extracurricular activities that will help you recharge, meet other people and keep things in perspective. You can find lots of great information about being a student in Hamilton, Ontario (#HamOnt) on our Student Life website.

McMaster Engineering Society (MES)

At McMaster there are many different ways to get involved - and the engineers at Mac are notorious for finding interesting ways to have a good time. The MES Website is very informative and can help you figure out ahead of time just what you will experience those first few weeks of Engineering I.

If you join the MES First Year Mentorship program the summer before you enter first year, you will be connected with a MacEng student who will answer any of your questions about Student Life and help you adjust to your new community and classes. Questions? Ask


MES Student Clubs & Teams

If you're interested in joining an MES Club or Team, you will get the chance the second week of September at "Eng Fest". This clubs fest runs all day under the JHE Overhang and is an excellent opportunity for students who want to get involved in the MacEng community.


McMaster Students Union (MSU)

McMaster University is home to many different clubs and organizations. You're sure to find something that's right for you. The McMaster Students Union (MSU) oversees a broad range of these clubs, organizations and publications such as The Silhouette, a student newspaper which has been in print for 76 years, making it the oldest student service at McMaster.

With the motto For Students By Students, the MSU coordinates many student services and supports student rights and issues at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. Engineering I students will find the MSU First Year Council a great advocate in any issues or concerns they might have while at McMaster.


Campus Life Links

And if you have any questions you haven't had answered here, feel free to Ask McMaster!

Ask McMaster Website link