Level 1 Information

The Engineering and Society program was created to provide students with a broader university education and to give them a greater insight into the way engineering works in society. Graduates of this program learn about the complex issues of socially responsible engineering and can be expected to make this a life-long commitment.

The program spreads out the Engineering curriculum over five years, allowing room for another subject. In the Engineering and Society program, a set of focused electives and a series or required core courses are taken in addition to the basic Engineering curriculum. This allows Engineering students who have a strong interest in another subject (such as music, French, or history) to take classes in that subject as well.

Admissions Requirements

To be accepted to the Engineering and Society program, students must successfully complete Level I Engineering.

For more information on the Engineering and Society program, you can contact Cameron Churchill, the Director of Engineering and Society, by phone at extension 23179, by email at church@mcmaster.ca or in person in JHE-233 or Anna Sciascetti at sciasce@mcmaster.ca or visit her in JHE A214-C or by phone at extension 27679.

NOTE: In cases where demand for any program exceeds its capacity, allocation to the program will be done on a competitive basis.