Admission Requirements

Students enter the Engineering and Management Program (E&M) after successfully completing the first year of the Engineering Program at McMaster.

Students must apply for admission to E&M near the end of that first year.  The Associate Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Engineering informs all first year students of the deadline and application procedures well in advance of the deadline date.

To be considered for entry to E&M students must have completed Economics 1BO3 during their first year and have achieved a mark of at least 5.0 (C) on that course.  Economics 1BO3 is not a required course in first year so students considering E&M must be sure to choose it as one of their first year electives.

E&M accepts 136 applicants into the program each year.  Students are admitted competitively based on their first year academic standing.  In some cases an interview may also be required.

At McMaster, students also enter their engineering specialty (e.g. civil, electrical, mechanical) at the beginning of their second year.  This means that they simultaneously enter their engineering specialty and E&M.  Not all engineering specialties can be combined with management.  Following is a list of the engineering and management combinations available.

Chemical Engineering and Management
Civil Engineering and Management  
Computer Engineering and Management
Electrical Engineering and Management
Engineering Physics and Management
Materials Engineering and Management
Mechanical Engineering and Management
Mechatronics Engineering and Management
Software Engineering and Management