Women in Engineering Society

The Women in Engineering Society strives to bring engineering students together through mentorship, and networking opportunities. Throughout the year we hold numerous events including Industry Speakers’ Night, Spa Nights, Outreach events, Movie Nights, and Industry Tours in order to appeal to a wide range of interests. We also hold an exciting mentorship opportunity where first year engineering students are paired up with upper year students to hear about all of the great opportunities Mac Eng has to offer. Since starting Women in Engineering we have seen the positive affect of bringing together the engineering community. This society gives students the opportunity to meet new people and unwind with fellow engineers!! Please don't hesitate to contact us at wes@mcmaster.ca.

We can't wait to meet you all!

Women in Engineering Executives 2017/2018:

Alex Lech & Keri Hagan


Hello! I’m Keri and I’m Alex and we are this year’s Woman in Engineering Society co-presidents. We are both entering our fourth year of Civil Engineering. Keri is also in the Society program while Alex will be on internship this year. After meeting in first year and attending many WIE events together, as well as planning several, we are excited to work as your presidents inspiring others to pursue STEM, and encouraging women to make meaningful connections.

If you have any questions about Women in Engineering or how to get involved, please send us an email at wes@mcmaster.ca!


Liz Hofer

VP Social

Hi , my name is Liz Hofer and I am in my third year of Mechatronics Engineering. I am super excited to be back working with Women in Engineering as this year’s VP Social. I have always believed in the importance of encouraging girls into the STEM fields and supporting women who are already there. I hope to use this opportunity to inspire women/girls to achieve their goals. McMaster’s female engineers are a great community and I am looking forward to being able to give something back.


Sarah Fernandes

Co-Mentorship Chair

Hello! My name is Sarah Fernandes and I am in Civil Engineering. My involvement with the Women in Engineering Society started with a mentor in first year and ever since, I have made many friendships, gained great advice, and been given so many wonderful opportunities. I can't wait to work with Anjali this year to help other girls experience this wonderful and inclusive community with the mentorship program.

Arujala Thavendrarasa

Co-Mentorship Chair

Hi, my name is Arujala and I am currently in my 4th year of Chemical Engineering and Society. I will be the joint representative for the Chemical Engineering and Engineering and Society programs for the upcoming year. I decided to join Women in Engineering this year because it is a great way to both inspire and be inspired by the people around me. It is important to form a positive community for female students, who remain a minority in many STEM fields, so that they have the support and encouragement that they need to succeed.  I am excited to be a part of a group of empowered women who are passionate about changing social norms. Looking forward to a great year!

Monica Black


Hello, my name is Monica! I am in my fourth year for Electrical Engineering & Management. My hobbies include football, reading, and programming. As your Outreach Co-Coordinator my goal is to inspire young women to pursue their interest in STEM fields. With the Women in Engineering Society I help to support and mentor young women to be strong and confident leaders in their field. I am looking forward to meeting everyone this year!



Helena Turgeon


Hello! My name is Helena and I’m in my third year of Mechatronics Engineering. I’m very excited to be one of your Co-Outreach Coordinators this year. I’m looking forward to working with the alumni office and other McMaster students to reach out to the community and show young girls what Mac Eng has to offer. Looking forward to meeting you!


Helen Zhu

VP Merchandising


Hi! My name is Helen Zhu and I am in my second year of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. I am very excited to be a part of Women in Engineering as the VP of Merchandise. Since engineering is a male dominated program, I want to be able to motivate women to have the courage to follow their dreams. Women in Engineering is a group that truly connects and supports all young women that are passionate about their program. This will be a great year and I am looking forward to meeting all of you.


Jessica Middleton

VP Internal


Hello! I’m Jessica, and am going into my third year of the Civil Engineering and Management program. As VP Internal of the Women in Engineering Society, I’m in charge of all the administrative tasks. Since first year, I’ve been involved with Women in Engineering because I want to inspire girls to follow their passions and do what they want to do with confidence. I know this club has inspired a lot of young women, and our common goal is to continue assisting women to be as successful as possible.


Victoria Duarte

Diversity Night Chair

Hello! My name is Victoria Duarte and I am in my second year of Software Engineering and Management. In my free time, I like to discover great new places to eat, play video games, and go camping!  I'm very excited to be this year's diversity night chair, and look forward to planning a night geared towards empowering young people and inspiring them to embrace their diversity as they pursue their passion in engineering!


Olivia Parsons

Civil Engineering Representative

Hey everyone! My name is Olivia Parsons and I’m very excited to the Women in Engineering Representative for Civil this year. Knowing that STEM fields have been predominantly male run in the past led me to be a bit apprehensive when choosing this field. It has been so great to meet this amazing community of women and learn how we can make an impact in STEM! I am looking forward to continuing to make changes and advancements for women in engineering this year. I can’t wait to see what this year holds for the McMaster Women in Engineering Society!


Rumsha Siddiqui

Computer Science Representative

Hi, my name is Rumsha and I am in my second year of Computer Science. I am really excited to be the Computer Science Representative this year! I chose computer science because I am passionate about solving puzzles and creating programs and applications that have a positive impact on society. I joined the Women in Engineering Society because I'd like to foster a supportive community where women feel comfortable and confident in their field. I am looking forward to meeting everyone this year!



Cprrie McIntyre

Mechatronics Department Representative

Hi, my name is Corrie and I’m in my third year of Mechatronics Engineering.  I’m excited to be this year’s Mechatronics representative in the Women in Engineering Society.  Sadly, women are still under-represented in engineering, which is why I hope to bring the women in our program together to encourage networking and build relationships that will hopefully last long after graduation.  Let’s have a great year together!


Anjali Abraham

Chemical Department Representative

My name is Anjali Abraham, a Level 3 student in Chemical Engineering! I have always been an enthusiastic supporter of women in engineering, and could not be more excited to have a role that influences this community! I have met so many incredible women who have inspired me in this faculty, specifically the freshman student I was paired with to mentor through the Co-Mentorship program last year. By having the ability to now heavily influence that program, I am thrilled to be able to implement my own ideas and make a positive change. I cannot wait to team up with the rest of the ladies in this executive team to create an even more welcoming environment for everyone!


Kathryn Kodama

Software Department Representative

Hello, my name is Kathryn and I am this year’s Women in Engineering Software Representative.  I am currently going into my third year of Software Engineering at McMaster. I have been attending Women in Engineering Society events since my first year in Engineering and I admire the platform that the Society provides for women to socialize and learn from each other.  I am very excited to contribute to creating a supportive community for females where they can meet and learn from one another’s experiences as well as become leaders within the community.  


Menatalla Ibrahim

Electrical Engineering Department Representative

Hello friends! I am Menatalla Ibrahim, the Electrical Department Representative for Women in Engineering 2017-2018. Since high school, I have always wanted to become part of Women in Engineering. WIE is my family inside my Engineering family inside my McMaster family. All women in Engineering get unnoticeably bonded because of our relatively small number. I believe all these young, ambitious women are the future leaders and role models for succeeding in any field breaking any stereotype. I encourage everyone to get more connected with the WIE and enjoy our strong, loving empowering family.