Women in Engineering Society

The Women in Engineering Society strives to bring engineering students together through mentorship, and networking opportunities. Throughout the year we hold numerous events including Industry Speakers’ Night, Spa Nights, Outreach events, Movie Nights, and Industry Tours in order to appeal to a wide range of interests. We also hold an exciting mentorship opportunity where first year engineering students are paired up with upper year students to hear about all of the great opportunities Mac Eng has to offer. Since starting Women in Engineering we have seen the positive affect of bringing together the engineering community. This society gives students the opportunity to meet new people and unwind with fellow engineers!! Please don't hesitate to contact us at wes@mcmaster.ca.

We can't wait to meet you all!

Women in Engineering Executives 2015/2016:

Alison Bayzat


Hi Everyone! My name is Alison Bayzat and I am one of the Co-Presidents for the Women in Engineering Society for the 2016-2017 school year!

My involvement with this group since my 1st year of engineering has given me so many opportunities and allowed me to meet so many people! I’m very excited to meet all of the new students this year! If you have any questions about Women in Engineering or how to get involved, please send us an email at wes@mcmaster.ca!


Erika Greco


My name is Erika and I am one of the co-presidents of The Women in Engineering Society.

I am in my fifth year of Civil Engineering and Management. I love exploring what it means to be a female leader in McMaster, the workplace, and in the community. I can't wait to team up with Alison to can engage and inspire every girl to reach their full potential!


Glenne Grossman

Co-VP Social

Hi my name is Glenne Grossman and I am in my fourth year of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering.

I have always loved STEM but, have sometimes found it hard to be part of a program some people consider a kind of “boys’ club”.  It does not have to be that way though! I am excited to be VP Social for McMaster’s Women in Engineering Society this year in order to continue to foster and build relationships and community within all the Women in Engineering.

It is going to be a great year!

Jenny Chen

Co-VP Social

Hello! My name is Jenny Chen and I am in my fourth year of Chemical Engineering and Society.
Being a part of Women in Engineering at McMaster has introduced me to an energetic, inclusive community that is McMaster Engineering. Taking on the role of VP Social this year, I am very excited to be working closely with the society to bring lots of new initiatives and events to the community throughout the year.


Liz Hofer

VP Communications


Hi my name is Laura, and I’m going into my final year of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. As this year’s VP Communication I plan to strengthen our social media presence in the McMaster Community. I am a part of the Women in Engineering Society because I want to help encourage more girls and women to get interested in STEM and help them find their confidence and passion to achieve their goals!

Lauren MacWhirter

Isabela Ozamiz

Co-Mentorship Chairs

Hi my name is Lauren MacWhirter and I am going into my 5th year of material engineering and society! During my free time I love to be active, play video games, read and swim.  And I’m Isabela Ozamiz and I am going into my 5th year of Electrical Engineering and Management. During my free time I love to dance, read, avoid exercise, and program. We are your co-Mentorship chairs this year.  We have known each other since first year and we became really close after the Women in Engineering Big sister Little sister BBQ. We got the opportunity to meet upper level girls in engineering who helped us immensely during our first year. We are looking to pay it forward for the upcoming year by helping first year girls meet mentors in the awesome events planned for the coming year and we can’t wait to meet you!


Alexandra Lech

Outreach Co-ordinator


My name is Alexandra Lech and I am currently in my third year of Civil Engineering. Since my first year, I have actively taken part in activities promoted by the Women in Engineering Society and found a welcoming and inclusive environment. I am excited to be representing the Society this year as the Outreach Coordinator. I hope to inspire others with events and community outreach designed to support each other and highlight all the great things about women in engineering! I am passionate about engineering and cant wait to share ideas and initiatives with all members and the community! Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Cheers to a great year!


Christina Riczu

Merchandise Co-ordinator


Christina is in her final year of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. She is a representative for ECES and Women in Engineering. If you can't find her on campus, she's probably at MARC designing PCBs for the Low Voltage team of the McMaster EcoCar3 team. In her spare time, she enjoys jogging and playing videogames.

Jessica Middleton

VP Internal


Hello! I’m Jessica, and am going into my third year of the Civil Engineering and Management program. As VP Internal of the Women in Engineering Society, I’m in charge of all the administrative tasks. Since first year, I’ve been involved with Women in Engineering because I want to inspire girls to follow their passions and do what they want to do with confidence. I know this club has inspired a lot of young women, and our common goal is to continue assisting women to be as successful as possible.

Paula Hanebach

VP External

My name is Paula Hanebach and I am currently completing my 5th year of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering. Going through McMaster Engineering I have seen the benefits first hand that a strong community can offer. This year I am very excited to be a part of McMaster’s Women in Engineering Society to help build our student network, and to bring exciting events to the community throughout the year.

Afrida Chowdhury

Professional Development

Hi, my name is Afrida and I am in my final year of Electrical Engineering! I love my program, but I can clearly see that we, unfortunately, have yet to reach gender parity. This is why I think it is so important to support Women in Engineering – to be able to share experiences and similar interests, and to strengthen relationships by encouraging each other while pursuing careers in “traditionally” male-dominated positions. As this year’s Professional Development Co-ordinator, I will be working closely with our team to build industry connections and increase networking opportunities for students! This is going to be an amazing year!

Dimpy Modi

Bachelor of Technology Representative

Hi! My name is Dimpy and I'm currently in my second year of Biotechnology. I'm excited to join the community of women in engineering as the representative for Btech this year! 

I chose to pursue this path in engineering because I'm intrigued by the integration of biology and technology and its many applications to our society. I'm looking forward to meeting and supporting other young women who share an interest for engineering like myself!

Keri Hagan

Civil Engineering Representative

Hello, my name is Keri and I am this year’s civil engineering representative for Women in Engineering. Growing up with a love of math and science, along with a passion for buildings, made civil an obvious choice for my education, but I have found so much more to love along the way. Working alongside the amazing people in Women in Engineering as well as in Engineers Without Boarders inspires me every day.  It is exciting to see so many young women passionate about STEM and to be able to bring them all together throughout the year is such an accomplishment. Here’s to yet another amazing year!

Haley Glavina

Engineering Physics Representative

Hi, I’m Haley! This will be my first year involved with the society and I’ll be representing women in Engineering Physics. It’s very important to me that in a field predominated by men, women feel welcomed and supported. Seeing all the bright, motivated girls in STEM programs at McMaster remind me of why our continued support is so necessary.

I can’t wait to be a part of Women in Engineering this year and contribute to the progress we’ve made so far!

Rumsha Siddiqui

Computer Science Representative

Hi, my name is Rumsha and I am in my second year of Computer Science. I am really excited to be the Computer Science Representative this year! I chose computer science because I am passionate about solving puzzles and creating programs and applications that have a positive impact on society. I joined the Women in Engineering Society because I'd like to foster a supportive community where women feel comfortable and confident in their field. I am looking forward to meeting everyone this year!

Lisa Tran

BEAMS Representative

Hello! My name is Lisa Tran and I am in my third year of Chemical and Bio-Engineering.

I am very excited to be this year’s BEAMS rep in the Women in Engineering Society as I am very passionate about the Bio-Engineering program here at McMaster. I can’t wait to promote STEM to the female community as I have always felt that there has been a lack of awareness among females for these fields. Being a part of Mac Eng has given me the chance to meet many inspiring female engineering students and I feel extremely privileged to be working closely with many of them to help create a positive environment for females interested in STEM.