Women in Engineering Committee

Message from the Chair of the Women in Engineering Committee

In modern society, women are as actively engaged in the work force as their male counterparts. In professions such as those in teaching, pharmacology, healthcare and medicine, women are the majority of the workforce.

Female professionals in engineering are fewer, so far. We think this is mostly due to hard-to-break traditions and misconceptions about the engineering profession. But we must also face the realities. The job of an engineer is very demanding. So much so, that balancing the job demands with those of raising children and having a family is difficult.

This is why our Committee works on many fronts. We first endeavour to bring the engineering profession closer to female student in secondary school before they make up their minds about their future careers. We also try to support in a variety of ways the student girls in our Engineering Faculty. Finally, we address a number of issues related to female members in the Engineering Faculty.

By now, you perhaps have the answer to the question, “Why does the Women in Engineering Committee exist?” Because we believe that Engineering is a fascinating profession, which can make the lives of women richer, and a profession, which women can enrich and inspire.

  • Chair: Dr. S. Dickson, Civil Engineering
  • Ex-officio: Dr. I. Puri, Dean of Engineering
  • Faculty:
    • Dr. S. Tanu Halim, Bachelor of Technology
    • Dr. E. Cranston, Chemical Engineering
    • Dr. S. Dickson & Dr. T. Becker, Civil Engineering
    • Dr. F. Chiang, Computing & Software
    • Dr. Zhao, Electrical & Computer Engineering
    • Dr. A. Turak, Engineering Physics
    • Dr. K. Grandfield, Materials Science & Engineering
    • Dr. T. Nye, Mechanical Engineering
  • Graduate Student: Isobel Bicket, Materials Engineering
  • Undergraduate Student:TBA
  • External Member: TBA
  • Consultants:
    • Mrs. M. White, Assistant Dean, Engineering
    • Ms. Lynn Stewart, Director, Outreach & Community Engagement
    • Ms. C. Vespi, Manager, Alumni Relations
    • Mr. M. Walma, Director, Human Rights & Equity Services Office