Engineering Alumni Gallery


Anthony Adili

B.Eng. Electrical Eng. & Mgmt. '89
M.D. Health Science '97

Head of Orthopaedics
St. Joseph's Healthcare

“The premise of Engineering is to define the underpinnings of a problem and creatively develop solutions grounded in science and functionality. The unique skill set acquired during my journey as an engineer is transferrable to all walks of life. These skills have been invaluable to me in addressing the challenges and opportunities that I face daily in both my professional and personal pursuits.”

Dave Armstrong

B.Eng. Mechanical Eng. '85
MBA '91

President & CEO
Global Fuels Inc.

“The skills and abilities I gained in the pursuit of my degree in Mechanical Engineering prepared me to solve problems. The issues I face everyday could be technical or business-related. I systematically reduce a problem or opportunity to its components and rebuild to a favourable outcome.”

Erica Barnes

B.Eng. Civil Eng. '11

Project Associate
Synergy Partners Consulting Ltd.

“The well-thought-out engineering curriculum, an expert and caring faculty, and engaged fellow students made for an excellent McMaster experience. Through involvement in Engineers Without Borders, Civil Engineering Council, and the Faculty Strategic Planning process, I gained additional skills and experiences. I graduated from McMaster confident in my knowledge to begin practice as a civil engineer.”

Walter Booth (Deceased)

B.Eng. Mechanical Eng. '62
M.Eng. Mechanical Eng. '65

CEO & Owner
Timberland Equipment Ltd.

“My McMaster education provided me with the grounding in engineering to approach technical design challenges, as well as the problem-solving skills needed to manage my own business.”

David Dobson

B.Eng. Electrical Eng. & Mgmt. '86

Digital River Inc.

“Success in business is about solving problems, capitalizing on opportunities, and leading great people and teams to accomplish things beyond their capabilities. My engineering and business education from McMaster provided me with an incredible foundation from which to take my career in almost any direction."

Joseph Edl

B.Eng. Chemical Eng. & Scty. '98

Senior Director of Supply Chain Planning, Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

"Engineering at McMaster developed my problem-solving skills, ability to tackle complex situations with limited information, and capability to apply critical thinking to business challenges. It is this foundation that has supported my career development."

Stephen Elop

B.Eng. Computer Eng. & Mgmt. '86
D. Sc. Honorary Degree '09

Group Executive, Technology, Innovation and Strategy, Telstra

"It has been the combination of the computer engineering and business disciplines that has made the greatest difference. At every stage of my career, I have been able to provide effective leadership by engaging on the challenges of product-making, as well as on matters of business, personnel, government affairs, and legal matters. This combination has provided me with great flexibility in the pursuit of opportunities."

Pat Greene

B.Eng. Computer Eng. '83

Technical Lead, Space Stn. Programme
MacDonald, Detwiler & Associates, Ltd.

"It taught me to analyze problems, assess situations and arrive at logical solutions. It encouraged me to be creative and not to be afraid to think outside of the box. It showed me how to learn and provided the basis for a lifetime of learning. It engendered a love for engineering in me that has motivated me throughout me career."

Duncan Hannay

B.Eng. Mechanical Eng. '85

D+H Canada

"With the grounding of an engineering degree from McMaster University, I have the confidence to solve complex problems, the discipline to build innovative solutions for customers, and the desire to challenge the status quo every day."

Sandra Ketchen

B.Eng. Civil Eng. '94

Senior Vice President Operations
Saint Elizabeth Health Care

“Discipline of complex problem-solving; resilience in working through difficult challenges and situations; collaboration in working with different people from different backgrounds and organizations; passion for Canadian technology (we have some incredible talent in this country); leadership and drive to be the best at whatever I choose to do with my career.”




Braden Kurczak

B.Eng. Mechanical Eng. & Mgmt. '03

Directror, Business Development
DataBind Solutions


"The prestige associated with McMaster’s Engineering and Management program assisted me in attaining highly relevant work experience as a student, and in securing a job immediately after graduation. There is no doubt that my engineering degree and the skills fostered while attaining it – innovation, critical thinking, team work, and hands-on practical skills – have been critical to my professional successes.”

Michael Lee-Chin

B.Eng. Civil Eng. '74
LL.D. Honorary Degree '03

Portland Holdings Limited

"My career, as diverse as it is, has one common thread running through all my projects – issues that need solutions. The Engineering program at McMaster University trained me to be a capable problem-solver."

Michael Pley

B.Eng. Electrical Eng. & Mgmt. '83

Pley Consulting Inc.

"My McMaster engineering education provided me with the analytical skills to solve problems in a holistic manner, addressing technical, managerial, social, and commercial issues. It was through the University that I was introduced to one of the world’s leading space companies, COM DEV, where I eventually built my engineering career."

James Politeski

B.Eng. Mechanical Eng. & Mgmt. 91


"McMaster Engineering & Management degree has been excellent. I practised engineering early in my career, then worked mostly in other areas (General Management, Sales, Marketing, etc.). The Engineering part of my education has been invaluable in problem-solving; the Management portion allowed me to view the business world with greater clarity. The combination is a program I would recommend highly."

Colleen Shannon

B.Eng. Civil Eng. '81

Owner & Senior Counsel
Colleen M. Shannon Professional Corporation

"My engineering degree has continued to serve me in
law by affording me a distinctive edge both in law school as well as in the practice of law. In my practice I frequently work with scientists and engineers. My engineering degree not only allows me to challenge and assess scientific expert evidence but also forge strong
bonds with clients and experts with similar background training."

Heather Sheardown

B.Eng. Chemical Eng. '89

Professor, Chemical Engineering &
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
McMaster University

“Building on my love of the technical and my passion for health sciences, I have used my engineering degree to develop a research program aimed at creating a new class of materials for treating eye disease. Engineering made me think about what is feasible, and how to implement it. It taught me how to work in teams and value the opinions of everyone in the group, drawing in their strengths to complement mine.”

Howard Shearer

B.Eng. Electrical Eng. '77

Chief Executive Officer
Hitachi Canada

"I have used all the experiences gained in earning a McMaster Engineering Degree – a strong technical base from quality course content, the relevance of the application of current and emerging technologies, and problem-solving abilities. A degree from McMaster builds confidence to compete globally, knowing the basis of all decisions is grounded in excellence of logic, technical knowledge, vision, social responsibility, and integrity."

Chedo Sobot

B.Eng. Civil Eng. & Mgmt. '85

Sobotec Ltd.

“My engineering degree has enabled me to apply technical knowledge and sound judgement to properly design and build modern building facades. Great engineering always leads to great results!”

Vladimir Sobot

B.Eng. Civil Eng. '80

President & Co-Owner
Sobotec Ltd.

“My engineering degree has provided me with a competitive technical advantage over the competition. It has challenged me to solve problems within technical and time constraints seemingly impossible to achieve, while building confidence and encouragement to realize that, in the end, nothing is impossible.”

Edward Veckie

B.Eng. Mechanical Eng. '00

CEO, Unified Engineering Inc.

“An engineering degree has helped me understand how things work and to perform the necessary quantitative analysis to solve problems. It has helped me in other fields, such as finance and operations management. As an engineer I am able to offer a different perspective and process of reasoning. Engineering to me means ingenuity; I strive to innovate and look at the `big’ picture.”

Craig Wilkie

B.Eng. Chemical Eng. '80


"Engineering provides a set of career and life skills. It opens up the mind to look at the world differently and see opportunity. Problems, whether technical or business-related, are only challenges to be overcome with the analytical and problem-solving skills rooted in engineering. The inherent curiosity of an engineer brings innovation to business."

Kim Woodhouse

Ph.D. Chemical Eng. '93

Dean of Engineering & Applied Health Sciences, Queen's University

“My graduate degree in engineering and the strong mentorship I received at McMaster paved the way for my entry into the academy. It has allowed me to have a diverse career and to fulfill my passion for teaching and research.”