Engineering Recognition Awards


Throughout the years many of our alumni have achieved various awards bestowed by the Faculty of Engineering and the the Alumni Association. These awards have been granted to those who have demonstrated exceptional things, academically and professionally.  
Congratulations to all our alumni!

The L.W. Shemilt Distinguished Alumni Award

The "L.W. Shemilt Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award" honours engineering alumni whose accomplishments and contributions are of national and /or international significance and/or have had a transformative impact on their field of endeavour.

The Alumni Gallery

A McMaster tradition, the Alumni Gallery Award is the most prestigious honour conferred by the Alumni Association.  Alumni Gallery Award recipients have led fascinating and accomplished lives and set high standards of achievement for McMaster’s current students, alumni and the greater community.

Alumni Arch Award - Young Alumni Award

The Arch Award recognizes McMaster’s most recent graduates who have made significant and notable academic, professional or personal achievements.

Albert Lager Student Initiative Prize

The Albert Lager Prize for Student Initiative Awards is an award designed by the Alumni Association to recognize current students who provide outstanding support, leadership and community involvement/service to their Faculty, Program or to McMaster University.

The Engineering Alumni Gallery