Engineering Outreach Programs

  The Venture Outreach program is dedicated to teaching young students about STEM through hands on activities and lessons.

Venture Outreach makes learning about STEM accessible through traveling workshops to schools and community centers.

BASEF Science Fair

Venture and LEAP put on an hour-long presentation/ show for the participants and visiting schools at the BASEF Science Fair conducted at Mohawk College, with a total of over 1000 students. A Venture and LEAP camp bursary was also awarded to deserving participants for innovative projects.

Girl Guide Day

Each year at Venture, girls from different Girl Guide Units throughout Hamilton and the surrounding area complete Venture workshops to earn one of their badges.  This year girls will be receiving the Physics Badge!

Go CODE Girl

Software forms the backbone of our interconnected and digital world.  This includes everything from smart machines, to our communication systems to the cars we drive.  Coding is the ability to read and write in a language that a computer can understand so that you can instruct a computer how to perform nearly any complex tasks.   Go CODE Girl will educated, inspire and equip girls with the digital skills, confidence and resources needed to pursue education in technology, computing and engineering.


GO ENG GIRL is dedicated to raising awareness about the engineering profession to girls in grades 7-10. More than 150 girls participate in hands-on workshops and meet with guest speakers who provide interactive presentations. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and encouragement necessary so that these students consider engineering as they plan their futures.

Homeschooling at Mac

Each year, Venture hosts 60 homeschooled students from grades three through twelve and leads them through science and engineering based activities.

Indigenous Outreach

Since Venture began its Indigenous Outreach program in 2010 we have worked to inspire over 5000 Indigenous students in the fields of science and engineering. Our goal is to work on projects and experiments with these students to help them reach their maximum potential. As we work together, we help to build confidence and inspire Indigenous students to become excited about engineering and science. Recently we have been able to reach many schools through youth programs and school workshops, where we deliver presentations around Southern Ontario. We look forward to many more years of success and collaboration!

Indigenous Week-Long Camp

This year Venture Engineering and Science will be delivering four free weeks of programming to Indigenous students.  Students will be given a hands-on look at science and engineering through programming derived from our Intermediate and Senior curriculum.

Learning Enrichment Advancement Program (LEAP)

LEAP introduces students entering grades 9 through 12 to each of the engineering disciplines during the summer months. Our curriculum encourages the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills through labs, lectures, projects and fun education-based activities. Students are introduced to engineering and get a feel for the university experience. 

Pathfinder Day

For the 2nd year, Venture will be hosting a Pathfinder Day for units within Hamilton and surrounding areas.  Girls will participate in hands-on science and engineering workshops to work towards earning their STEM Badge!

Robot Experience Day

Students build their own robot and learn programming, robotic designs and applications through our Robot Experience Day. Kids are paired up and given plenty of time to explore robot design and programming! Students will become familiar with, and be able to experiment with, the growing applications of programming, design, and technology within the Engineering and Science streams.

STEM Conference

This year, Venture and LEAP will hold their fourth annual STEM conference. Indigenous students are invited to stay overnight in McMaster Residences, participate in hands on activities, and tour McMaster's campus to experience all that university has to offer. Students have a chance to interact with current students about what it is like to study Engineering! 

Venture Summer Programs

Venture  is a summer program that immerses children in grades 1-8 in engineering, science and technology. Our curriculum develops problem solving skills and engages kids through experiments, hands-on projects, and fun, education based activities. Venture aims to get children interested in pursuing engineering.

Venture Day Programs

Students in grades 1-8 participate in hands-on science and engineering projects on Saturdays throughout the school year.  Our curriculum is created to develop confidence and excitement around engineering and science and is led by Instructors who is passionate about teaching.  Our goal is to create and inspire young minds to develop their passion for science and engineering, as well as their leadership skills through hands-on activities, challenging projects and interactive lessons.

Yes SHE Can!

Introduced into Venture's summer program last year, Yes SHE Can! turned out to be a huge success and will now be running for four weeks this summer!  This program is designed for girls in grades 6-8 to engage girls in STEM fields through interactive, inquiry-based activities, female mentors, and self-efficacy.

YMCA: Beyond the Bell Program

Venture is partnering with the YMCA after school programs to host workshops for students from grades one through eight.  Students work on design challenges and instructor-led activities to put their problem-solving and teamwork skills to the test!