Message from the Director, Dr. Colin P. McDonald


Welcome First Year students to the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University!  You are beginning a journey that will bring with it exciting changes, new adventures, unexpected challenges and hopefully a lifetime of fulfilling memories.  You are also now part of an engineering community that promotes engagement, inclusion, and diversity.  This community is kept alive by your fellow students at McMaster and their abundance of school spirit, which manifests itself in an impressive array of social events and clubs.  Many opportunities will present themselves to you this year and over the next several years, and I encourage to you explore them, to get involved, to challenge yourself, and most of all, to have fun!

As you enter into Level I, some of you may have an idea which engineering discipline you would like to pursue beyond first year while many of you may not, and that is okay!  In either case, the purpose of Level I is to introduce you to the engineering profession, provide you with fundamental skills important to all engineering disciplines, and offer many opportunities to bond with your peers and form relationships that will continue regardless of your future area of study.

The Engineering 1 team consists of faculty, staff and senior undergraduate students who are committed to offering the best possible student experience.  We understand that the transition to Level I can be very challenging.  We strongly believe that every student admitted to Level I Engineering has the ability to succeed, but some of you may need to make some adjustments to your study habits and time management strategies to reach your full potential.  Should you encounter challenges or difficulties, there are many options available to you to seek assistance: 

  • The Engineering 1 office located in the Engineering Technology Building (ETB) provides support personnel and services specifically designed to assist first year students.
  • For assistance or academic advice please contact Ms. Sally Williams, the Engineering I Advisor. She is available by phone at (905) 525-9140 X 24646 or by e-mail at Ms. Williams’ office is located in Engineering Student Services
  • Student Affairs offers a number of supports for all McMaster students. If you need support for a diagnosed disability or disorder, please refer to Student Accessibility Services (SAS) in the MUSC. The Student Success Centre (SSC) provides convenient access to an array of student services in the areas of Career and Employment, Transition and Academic Success, and Community Service-Learning, Civic Engagement and Leadership. The Student Wellness Centre (SWC) provides support to the whole student - mind, body, spirit through a range of wellness services such as personal and psychological counselling, medical and health services, and wellness education resources.
  • And finally, the McMaster Engineering Society (MES), a group you are now part of and one of the largest student groups on campus, is available to support you academically, professionally, and socially.

I wish all of you a successful and memorable first year of engineering!

Dr. Colin P. McDonald
Director, Engineering 1
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering