Hire a Student - 3 Easy Steps

Hiring a student from McMaster Engineering Co-op is easy. Our 3 simple steps to student recruitment means that we do most of the behind-the-scences work so you can concentrate on hiring the best student possible.
We are ready to work with you to ensure your student recruitment is quick and seamless. View the sections below for more details.

Jobs are approved for Co-op if they provide the student with meaningful engineering experience, in a full-time (35hrs), paid role, for a minimum of 12 weeks in length. Please review the McMaster Job Posting Policy for Terms of Use Policy.

Step 1 - Post a Job

We will post your positions, collect applications (cover letter, resume and transcript) and forward these in .pdf format to you via an email link, the day after the job closing date. Positions are usually kept open for 8 to 10 business days.
We can also direct students to apply through your dedicated web-site. Just let us know what works best for you.

Post a job with us using one of these methods:

  • Log into OSCARplus and click on the Internship/Co-op Tab - New Job Posting
  • Use our Job Description Form (SAVE to your computer, fill out, then click Submit button to send via email) OR
  • Email us your Word document

Step 2 - Arrange Interviews

We will schedule your interviews directly with the students (including on and off-campus, phone or video skype interviews).
Select the candidates and set up interview details through your job posting on OSCARplus. If you are interviewing on-campus, we will provide lunch for your recruiters.

Step 3 - Extend an Offer

Once you have selected a candidate, we will happily extend the offer on your behalf. Simply send us the required information using the Co-op Offer Form. (download form before clicking Submit)

If there are any other special requests, please feel free to contact our office and let us know how we can help you.


Employer Obligations: Once the student starts working for you, employers are obligated to complete two brief evaluations of the student's work, (at the middle and end of the student's work term). If the student is working in a 8-16 month position, our office will also conduct a site visit with the student and his/her supervisor. These will be arranged directly through the hired co-op student.