Increase your On-Campus Profile

Best Ways to Meet Top Student Talent!


  • Engineering student clubs - Student-run clubs and events need industry support to be successful and sustainable. By sponsoring clubs and events, your company can reach out to students in a meaningful way. Events include hackathons, competitions and industry nights. NEW! Meet the Clubs Day! October 5th! Email Louise for more details
  • Information Sessions – ECCS organizes information sessions every Fall and Winter to spotlight your company to students. Work with student-run faculty clubs to really get in front of your target group. More..
  • Campus Ambassadors - Many companies have set up a campus ambassador program as a long-term promotional tool. Please discuss with our staff for more details.
  • Host On-Site Tours - Give students a real taste of what your company has to offer - pick up students on campus and give them a tour of your company headquarters. We will help promote the event on campus.
  • On-campus Career Fairs – Our on-campus career fairs occur every September and January. Visit Student Success Centre to find out more.

    Contact Louise Gazzola, Experiential Program Coordinator, to discuss further!

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