Financial Incentives - Tax Credits and Government Funding Programs

Tax Credits:

  • To help offset your costs of hiring co-op students, there is a Co-operative Education Tax Credit which will reimburse eligible businesses 25% of eligible costs, up to $3,000, for each qualifying 4-month work term. Our Co-op and Internship program meets the requirements for this tax credit for eligible employers.
  • We will provide your business with a Tax Credit letter for every student hired. These letters are sent to your business once the hiring process has been completed.
For more detailed information about this Tax Credit please view the following link: Ontario Tax Credit

Government Funding for Co-op Students:

Some positions may be eligible for various government funding programs. Please see the links below for more details.

    1. Summer Jobs Service through the province of Ontario provides $2/hr funding for companies that hire students. Eligible industries include private, not-for- profit or broader public sector employers operating and offering a summer job in Ontario.
    2. NSERC - National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, provides grant money to hire students, to companies engaged in R&D activities based on technology derived from engineering. Funding can be up to $4500 per student.