Work Term Cycles and Recruitment Dates

Work Terms

At McMaster Engineering, we believe that flexibility in the length of work terms and variable co-op start dates, are essential for employers. We strive to meet your needs by providing the following work terms:

  • May:  4-months (open to all students); 12 and 16 months (open to senior B.Eng students only)
  • September: 8 and 12 months (senior B.Eng students)
  • January: 12-months (B.Eng senior students),
    8-months (Bachelor of Technology students)

Rank/Match Recruitment Cycles

The ECCS office has agreed to a Recruitment timeline, that includes rank/match deadlines, in accordance with most other engineering co-op universities.


  • During a Rank/Match cycle, employers are asked to rank students for each job position they hope to fill. These rankings are held by the ECCS office until they are released to students on a pre-determined date. Students have 24 hrs to make their decision and rank their offers.
  • On Rank/Match day, an algorithm will match students and employers based on the rankings submitted.
  • We strongly feel that this system is the most fair and timely for both co-op student and the employer. All students are available for all interviews during the entire cycle - giving you, the employer, access to all top co-op students. It is a time-proven method that ensures success for everyone involved.


If you have any concerns about this process, please do not hesitate to discuss this with one of our staff.

2016/2017 Recruitment Dates

For January 2017 work terms - All Disciplines

Work Terms

All B.Tech: 8-months

B.Eng & DCP: 12 months

Job Postings:
Sept. 6 - Dec. 2
Sept. 6 - Dec. 16
Employer Offers:
Sept. 6- Dec. 21
Employer notification
Within 24 hrs of offer
Fall Break
October 10-14

Please Note: This is a continuous cycle


For May and September 2017 work terms: Rank/Match Cycle - All Disciplines

Work Terms

May - 4, 12, 16 months

Sept. - 8/12 months

Job Postings:
Jan. 2-Feb. 3
Jan. 2 - Feb. 15
Employer Rankings due:
February 16
Rankings to students:
February 22
Rank/Match results:
February 24
Employer notification
Within 24 hrs
Spring Break
February 20-24

Please Note: A continuous cycle will follow from
Feb. 27- August 30
with no deadlines

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Examples of Co-op Work Term Options - B.Eng Programs (optional co-op)

Option 1 Level 1 Summer Co-op Level 2 Summer Co-op Level 3 Summer Co-op Level 4
(graduating year)
Option 2 Level 1 Summer Co-op Level 2 Summer Co-op Level 3 12-16 month Co-op
May Start
Level 4
Summer Vacation 8-12 month Co-op September start
Option 3 Level 1 Summer Co-op Level 2 Summer Co-op Level 3 Summer Co-op Level 4 Fall Session 12 month Co-op January Start Level 4
Winter Session

Examples of Co-op Work Term Options - B.Tech 4-Year Program (mandatory co-op)

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3 Term 3A
Co-op 8-month January - August
Level 3 Term 3B
Level 4 Term 4A
4-month (Optional)
Level 4 Term 4B