Engineering Students are Good for Business!

Hiring an engineering Co-op student isn't just good for the students - it's good for your business too. At ECCS, we are able to work with your company to ensure that you hire the right student for your business needs. The hiring process is seamless and we are there to support your organization through the entire process from job posting to extending job offers. See below for some of the many benefits our Co-op program can provide.

  • Talent Pool: Our office can give your business access to a large pool of students who are skilled, motivated and eager to put theory to practice. Keep your company on the leading edge of technology by hiring an engineering Co-op student as part of your team. All work terms are noted on the student's official university transcript. For senior students, the work they do during their Co-op experience could count as pre-graduation experience towards the requirements for their PEO license.
  • Tax Credit: By hiring a student in a Co-op program, your company may be eligible to claim an Ontario Tax credit of 25% of your eligible costs.
  • Future Employee Investment: Hiring a co-op student is similar to testing out your future employee before you hire them on a full-time basis. Many companies hire full-time employees from their previous pool of co-op students.
  • Flexible Work Terms: The Co-op program has work terms that are 4, 8, 12 or 16 months in length. Depending upon your business needs, work terms start in May, September or January. See Co-op Work Term Lengths.
  • Free Job Postings and Interview Rooms: We will post your jobs for you on OSCAR, our on-line career site, and send you applications via email. When it is time to interview, we can arrange on-campus interviews and provide rooms at no cost. When you have made your decision, we will contact the students on your behalf. More....
  • Pre-Screening of Candidates: Our on-line system allows us to pre-screen applicants for the specific disciplines and level that you are looking for. Students do not see your contact information - we take care of all the behind-the-scene details.
  • Team Support: While on Co-op, the ECCS team is there to support both the student and the employer to ensure the success of the work term. This support may include a site visit.
  • On-Campus Promotions: Our office can help you organize events, such as Information Sessions, on-campus to get your company in front of hundreds of potential employees. Event venues can hold from 20 to 100 students - just let us know your needs and we will arrange it. View more ways to increase your on-campus profile.

Please feel free to contact one of our Employer Development Officers to discuss further.