ENG 1EE0 and ENG Tech 1ET0

1EE0/1ET0 is the Co-op Prep Course for B.Eng/Comp Sci and DCP B.Tech students. All students who choose the Co-op option will need to register for and complete this course before they are eligible to search for jobs. It is only taken once, and must be completed (all assignments handed in) before you can participate in the recruitment process. It is best to sign up for the course while in Level 1 or Level 2.

For B.Tech 4-Year Program students, this information is part of your academic GenTech 2PW3 course in Year 2.

Topics covered in 1EE0/1ET0 include: Co-op eligibility and fees, job search, cover letter and resume writing, and  interview preparation. These skills and knowledge are vital for you to be able to compete for and secure Co-op work terms. View the B.Eng/DCP Handbook for class content and important Co-op information.

In order to receive a “complete” for the course, students must:

    • attend all class sessions,
    • finish all assigned on-line exercises/assessments, and
    • receive “satisfactory” on all assignments. 
    • Until this course has been successfully completed, students will be unable to view or apply for the Co-op positions posted in the Online Student Career and Recruitment (OSCARplus) system.


    To register for 1EE0/1ET0 (B.Eng/DCP/Comp Sci only):

    • Go to OSCARplus - Events-Engineering. Sign up for classes listed under Eng IEE0/ Tech 1ET0. (This class must also be added to your Solar course list but please DISREGARD the Solar timeslot as it may not be accurate).