Registration and Fees - B.Eng and Comp. Sci (B.Tech info...go)


Engineering Co-op is an optional program that allows students to gain engineering work experience prior to graduation. It is best to join in Level 1 or 2. If you complete 12 months of Co-op,you will get the Co-op designation noted on your transcript.  There is also a mandatory Co-op prep course, Engineer 1EE0.



To register for Co-op, students must:

  1. Log-in to the OSCARplus system and set up a profile. This on-line career site automatically updates your academic information every time you log-in and is the portal for all your on-campus career needs.
  2. Sign the ECCS Co-op Registration Agreement. Once this form is processed, the annual fee of $100 will be added to your student account (this yearly fee will be automatically added to your student account at the beginning of each fall term.) You must sign this registration agreement in order to be enrolled in the co-op program.

Once registered, you will need to enroll in the mandatory Co-op Prep Course 1EE0 . This course must be completed sucessfully BEFORE you are able to apply for co-op postitions. You can sign up for a class through OSCARplus - Go to: Events - Engineering.

PLEASE NOTE: LEVEL 1 Eng Co-op Students must fill out the Registration Agreement - even if you registered for the co-op program through your OUAC application.

International Students must obtain a Co-op Work Permit. Please visit the International Students page on this website for more details.


Fees are used to support the ECCS office. All students registered in the Co-op program pay additional fees over and above their tuition. The fees help cover the costs of all the activities in ECCS such as teaching the 1EE0 class, posting jobs on OSCARplus etc.

  • Annual fee of $100, charged to your student account every September (even if you are on a work term).
  • Work term fees of $300 per 4 month term, charged to your student account, at the beginning of each work term. Overall, the cost for 12-months of co-op experience over the course of your degree, is $1300.


Please note: Engineering Co-op is an all-user-pay system and not a fee-for-service system; therefore fees are not connected to specific services. However, students that work in co-op positions will pay more, overall, than students who join and are unable to secure a position.