Engineering Co-op: FAQ


Who is eligible to participate?

Any student in good standing registered in the Faculty of Engineering may register for the Engineering Co-op program. Once you have registered for the Engineering Co-op program and completed the mandatory course, 1EE0 1ET0, you will be able to go out on a work term. International students MUST also have a valid work permit on file.

What is 1EE0/ Eng Tech 1ET0?

The 1EE0 course is a free, mandatory prerequisite course that is held in the fall, winter and summer sessions. It is 6 or 8 hours in length and discusses such topics as Co-op rules and regulations, resume writing, job search strategies and work place professionalism. It must be completed before you can apply for Co-op positions. You MUST register for 1EE0 through your solar account, or sign up on OSCAR under ECCS Workshops/1EE0.

How does ECCS help me?

ECCS provides many services to help you land your Co-op job. From resume guidance and interview work shops, we can meet with you one-on-one to discuss any of your job search concerns. We are also your direct link to the hundreds of employers who have worked with us in the past to hire McMaster engineering students. Follow this link to find out more.

How do I get access to view OSCAR co-op postings?

Only those students who have signed the annual registration agreement and have completed 1EE0, will have access to OSCAR engineering Co-op postings. Once you have secured a work term, you will no longer be able to view co-op postings. You will have access againe once your Co-op work term is completed and the next cycle opens up. International students MUST have a valid work permit on file to be allowed to view OSCAR postings.

When are the work terms?

Co-op work terms can vary depending up on your program, level and personal preferance. All B.Eng/Comp Sci. students are eligibile to work for summer 4-month terms - students in the next to final year of studies can go out for 8, 12 or 16 months. Check out the cycles for the B.Eng program and the B.Tech program for more details.

Am I guaranteed a Co-op position?

The short answer is no. Co-op is an optional program for B.Eng students and mandatory for B.Tech students - but is also a competitive process. In addition to being in competition with your fellow students, you will be competing against students from other schools of engineering in Ontario and across Canada. ECCS will assist you along the way (we help you to prepare professional cover letters, resumes and hone your interview skills) but we cannot guarantee that an employer will hire you.

How do I look for a Co-op job?

Co-op jobs can be found using two methods: 1) Use our online job posting system, OSCAR, to view and apply for co-op positions and 2) Network with friends, family and previous employers to find out about potential engineering positions.

When can I go out on Co-op?

You are eligible to start a work term once you register for Co-op and completed 1EE0. ECCS give you access to view postings on OSCAR and apply for work terms. You may pursue summer Co-op positions (4-months in length), or you may decide to delay your graduation and do a long-term “internship” of 8, 12 or 16 months. Only students who have completed their next to final year of studies are eligible to apply for these longer work terms.

How much will I get paid?

Salaries are based on level of education completed, number of past work terms completed, the company you are working for and the economy. ECCS staff will ensure that a fair salary is paid. For the year 2009, students were paid in a range from $15-25/hr. The average wage for senior level students was $19/hr

Where are Engineering Co-op jobs located?

The majority of jobs are located in the Greater Toronto Area, including Hamilton. We have also had postings and placements from as far away as New York and Germany and both eastern and western Canada. Many companies will help with relocation costs - please read the job descriptions carefully for information. For students going to the U.S., there is a special J1-Visa that must be purchased - there is an American non-profit organization that assists with this process.

I am an international student here at McMaster Engineering, can I apply for the Co-op program?

Yes you can. Please visit the webpage for international students on this website.

How important are marks?

For some positions, marks are very important. It depends on the company and level or technical skill needed. Some employers also take into consideration the types of courses you take. Every time you apply for a position you will include copies of your transcript or MUGSI marks with that application.

What is the time line between applying for a position and being interviewed?

For the Summer Co-op experience terms there is NO specific timeline. We ask employers to decide who they would like to interview as soon as possible, but they often consider applicants from more than one school. The majority of employers will get back to us within a week or two. Generally we follow up with the employer one week after the posting deadline and will continue to follow up. There are tighter time lines for the Eng. Co-op Internship experience terms.