While You Are Working

Congratulations! All your hard work has paid off and you succeeded in obtaining a work term.

ECCS is here to help navigate your way to success while you are working (your supervisor and work colleagues are always there to help too). Below is some essential information. Remember that you can always call our office if you find yourself unsure of a situation or person in your workplace.


Workplace Professionalism

Being successful in your position takes work and a great attitude. Being able to keep up with the technical and administrative duties is only one part of your job.

The other part, the "hidden duties," may be more diffucult to figure out.

Here are a few simple things to keep in mind:

  • Consider your appearance, be well-groomed and neat, and adopt attire appropriate to your workplace
  • Respect your coworkers’ experience, learn from it, improve yourself and your skills and seek out advice, show personal responsibility: respect others’ rights, know your boundaries/limits.
  • Practice good time management, meet all deadlines, be punctual, leave enough time for traffic, and call immediately if you cannot make it to work on time or if you are ill.
  • Be courteous and social. Be prepared to say “good morning” when you arrive, and “have a great weekend” on Fridays. Open doors for others, clean up after yourself in the staff kitchen and participate in staff events or lunches. Be “social”, even if you consider yourself a quiet or “introverted” person.
  • Show diligence and competence for administrative work. This will ensure that your employer sees you as committed to the company, and will want to include you in the “real” engineering work that is being completed in the office. Every job has admin work that must get done!

ECCS Evaluations

In order for your position to be counted as a Co-op work term, ECCS needs to have:

  • Interim and Final evaluations completed by you, and your supervisor. We will contact you via email. These are now on-line through OSCARplus!
  • A Final Report is required. This will be due one month after you come back to school. More info on this will be emailed to you near the end of your work term.

NOTE: If you are working and have not informed us, please contact the ECCS office asap. You may have missed the deadline for co-op approval.



Work Site Visits/Update Info

We will be coming to visit you on the job if you are a B.Eng student working 8-16 months, or if you are a B.Tech student.

It is important that we know exactly where you are working - Please fill in your Work Term Information - via your OSCARplus profile:

  • Click on the Co-op Tab
  • Click on the current work term
  • Click Edit
  • Add Supervisor email and your full working address!

Please check your Mac email regularly - we will be contacting you while you are working!