Pre-Work Term Documents - Before you Leave

Congratulations on obtaining a Co-op Work Term!

In order for your position to be counted as a Co-op work term, we need to have a signed work term contract, and have received funds to cover the required work term fees. Please read the contract carefully – it is a contract, a legal, binding document.  Please ask if you have any questions about this agreement. 

Please note the following important info:

  • A signed and dated work term contract must be returned to our office (see below for link to appropriate form). Scan form to
  • Fees are charged to your student account at the beginning of each work term and a co-op course code will be added to your transcript.

  • Contact information: Please update your work information on OSCARplus. We may need to conduct a site visit and we need to know your exact work location. Go to your OSCARplus profile, and click on the term in the sequence that shows your current work term. When the form comes up, click on the edit button. Please fill out your work email, work address and a supervisor's email. Click here for details.
  • Evaluations are required while you are working: These are now on-line through OSCARplus. There are two evaluations - a mid-term one and a final. If you can not access the on-line forms, email our office and we will send you a Word document.
  • Check your McMaster email or have it forwarded to an account you check daily. We will use your McMaster email address as the means of maintaining contact with you.

    For work terms of longer than 4 months:

    • OSAP:  You are not required to make payments while on work term, provided you complete the Continuation of Interest-Free Status (CIFS/Schedule 2) form and return the original copy to the Student Financial Aid office.  Those on 16-month work terms will need to complete two forms: for the first 12 months, and the last 4 months.  Fill out the Study Period Start Date and Study Period End Date fields under the section for your name and address.  If you have any questions about how to complete the form, please call the ECCS office. For January work terms - students with approved OSAP funding for that academic year, must fill out a Winter Addendum. See the OSAP home page for info.
    • UHIP: For INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ONLY: UHIP fees will be charged to your student account in September, in the same process as when you are registered for full-time classes. The International Student Services office is responsible for adminstering the medical coverage.
    • Temporary McMaster Library privileges:  let us know if you would like to access the library, and we will provide you with the documents for temporary access.
    • If you will be using GO Transit: for your commute to work, email to request the student fare application. 
    • PEO pre-graduation experience: For those who are more than half way through their academic program, you may gain credit towards your PEO license for up to 12 months of pre-graduation experience.  Check out the PEO website for more info.
    • NOTE: You are not covered by the student extended health benefits while on fall or winter co-op terms.


    We will inform the following about your status while on a work term: the Registrar’s Office (you must go on Mosaic to drop courses you have registered in if necessary), the Administrative Coordinators of departments and programs in the Engineering Faculty, the Student Financial Aid Office to confirm you are working, and the Associate Dean’s office. We want your work term to be a success – please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, or if there is anything you need from us.

    We would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • We, and your employers, will expect you to demonstrate a good work ethic and high standards of workplace professionalism. This includes ensuring that you develop professional relationships with your supervisors and co-workers; that you work to improve your professional communication skills, that you ensure that you are in compliance with all company policies and workplace legislation; that you are in compliance with all requirements of the Co-op program, and that your work is of the highest standards that you can manage.
  • Everyone has the right to a safe workplace, and bears the legal responsibility to ensure that they work according to legislated safety standards and company safety procedures.
  • Please refer to the appropriate section below for contracts and fee information.

    Have a safe and productive work term!


    B.Eng Students

  • B.Eng - Work Term Agreement

    Fees: $300 per work term. Charged to your student account at the beginning of each work term.

    We must receive your signed contract in order for this position to be counted as Co-op, and for your employer to receive the tax credit.





    B.Tech Students

    4-Year Program Work Term Agreement

    DCP Work Term Agreement

    Fees: $600 per work term. This fee is charged to your student account at the beginning of each work term.


    We must receive your signed ECCS Work Term contract in order for this position to be counted as Co-op, and for your employer to receive the tax credit.