Rank/Match 101

The Rank/Match system will be used only during the January and February cycle for May/September work terms.

The process follows as such:

  • After the co-op/internship interviews take place, the employer will submit job offers, in the form of rankings, to the ECCS Office. (Employer Rankings due). Employer rankings are from 1-10, with "1" being the student they want as first choice for the job.
  • This information gets put into the OSCARplus system by ECCS staff.
  • Students who have job offers will be sent an email to login to OSCARplus (Ranking to Students day) to view their rankings.
  • Students have 24hrs to input their own rankings for these positions into OSCARplus ie. #1, #2, #3, "Not Interested". (Student Rankings Due date).
  • Your rankings must start with a 1 or "Not Interested". If you give a job a number ranking, you are agreeing to accept a job offer from that company if a match is made. If you have an offer you absolutely do not want to accept, rank it "Not Interested".
  • On the Rank/Match day, ECCS will then run an algorithm. All direct matches are made first (#1 employer choice with #1 student choice) and then the #2 to #10 rankings will be matched. Job positions that have been given the "Not Interested" status are not included in this process.
Unfortunately, not all students are matched during this cycle. However, the ECCS office will keep posting jobs again after the Rank/Match day. There are no deadlines in the Continuous cycle period after the Rank/Match cycle.



IMPORTANT: If you get a job offer outside OSCARplus, (ie. an employer contacts you directly or something you found on your own) and you wish to accept it, please let us know ASAP as we will have to remove you from the rank/match list. This ensures the algorithm runs correctly, and that your declined offers move down the list, to other students.


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