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The Co-op program is worth thinking about! This program provides the opportunity to apply the technical knowledge that you learn in school out in the workforce. These are real jobs doing real engineering work.
Heard of Hydro One, Google, or Honda? Our engineering and technology co-op students work at major companies in Hamilton, GTA and across the globe.
The Engineering Co-op and Career Services Office (ECCS) delivers the Co-op program to thousands of students each year. We are with you during the whole process, helping you navigate your way through job applications, interviews and offers. Our goal at ECCS is to work with you to develop the essential skills today's businesses want and expect from their future employees.

International Students are encouraged to join the Co-op program.

Bachelor of Engineering Co-op

For B.Eng/Computer Science students, there are 3 important facts to understand about the McMaster Engineering Co-op Program:

1. It is optional. You can decide to join at any time during your studies - as long as you are enrolled as a full-time student before, and after, your co-op work term. Completing 12 months of Co-op work experience will give you the Co-op designation on your official transcript.

2. It is flexible. Once enrolled in the program, you can decide to work during summer work terms only, or as a senior student, you can choose to do a Co-op work term of 8, 12 or 16 months. The choice is yours. View possible work term options.

3. It is easy to join. You can apply for Co-op through your OUAC application, or you can join once you are on campus, up to your final year of studies.

Once on campus, all new co-op students must register with the ECCS office by filling out a registration agreement, and logging-in to OSCARplus. View the page Join Co-op for more details.


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Bachelor of Technology Co-op

B.Tech students are automatically enrolled in the Co-op program when they register for their academic year, however, there are still a few administrative things to complete. Please view the page Join Co-op for details, or download the Info Sheet. Students are required to complete 12 months of Co-op work experience in order to fulfill the requirements of the B.Tech program.

Work terms are completed during specific times during your academic program. Please view the co-op timelines for the various B.Tech programs:

  • 4-year B.Tech Programs
  • Degree Completion Program (DCP) - Flexible work terms usually starting after your second semester of academic studies. Please refer to your Program Advisor for further details.

For general information on the B.Tech program please go to:



Did you know...

  • That over 1000 engineering/technology students were working in co-op positions during the summer of 2015?
  • That 80% of co-op students rated their jobs as 8+ out of 10?
  • That 73% of co-op students stated they worked in a professional office environment?
  • That 92% of employers surveyed rated McMaster co-op students as outstanding/good?
  • That 82% of engineering grads surveyed were employed within 6-months of graduation?
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