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Bachelor of Engineering and
Computer Science Students

The Co-op program is an optional program that allows students to gain engineering work experience prior to graduation. You may join Co-op at any time during your studies, but most students join in Level 1. 

If you registered with Co-op on your OUAC application, you will still need to register with the ECCS office when you start school.

Students are encouraged to complete a minimum of 12 months of Co-op - this will give you the Co-op designation on your official transcript.  There is a mandatory Co-op Prep Course, Engineer 1EE0, that is part of the Co-op program. Fees are charged to participate, separate from your tuition. Read more...

Register for Co-op

For B.Eng/CompSci students, you may register for Co-op at any time in your studies - however September is the best time to join.

  • First, you must log-in to OSCARplus and create your profile. Click on Update My Account and fill out required info.
  • Fill out the Registration Agreement and submit it to our office. Once this has been processed, a $100 fee will be charged to your student account every September while you are registered as an undergrad student.
  • Sign up for the Co-op Prep Course 1EE0. This must be completed before you are eligible to go out for co-op work terms. Register for classes through OSCARplus. Got to: Events - Engineering - Co-op Prep Course.

ECCS is here to help you succeed - we are available to assist you through the whole Co-op process.

Welcome to Co-op!

Bachelor of Technology Students

B.Tech students are automatically enrolled in the
Co-op program when they register for their academic year. However, you are required to log-in to OSCARplus and create your profile, and hand in a Registration Agreement to the ECCS office.

Students need to complete 12 months of Co-op work experience in order to fulfill the requirements of the B.Tech program and pay the required fees ...more