Heavy Construction Internship


Want to add something Xtra to your resume? Something that shows that you have special skills and knowledge?

Join the Heavy Construction Internship Program

Run by the HC Student Chapter, the HC Chair, and the ECCS office, the program combines work experience and academic courses and turn them into a Certificate that shows employers Heavy Construction is your Business!

Eligibility for the HC Certificate:

  • 8-12 months HC work experience
  • Complete 2 required Civ Eng courses


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Interested in joining?

  • Fill out the HC Registration form and send to ECCS
  • Think you are eligible for the HC certificate? Send in this form
  • Want to meet the Student Chapter? Find them on FB!
  • Create a Profile Page for the Resume Book


Take a look at our 2015 HC Graduates!


Looking for new employees who have a passion for Heavy Construction? Want to help your industry attract bright and talented young engineers?

Post summer, or 8-12month internships. with the Heavy Construction Internship Program

  • Students are from the Civil engineering or technology program and are enrolled in HC specific courses
  • Jobs are screened for targeted students
  • Many positions will qualify for the Co-operative Education Tax Credit - 25% of eligible costs reimbursed!
  • The ECCS Office offers free services - job posting board and interview facilities
  • Request the Resume Book!

Send us your Job Posting (download form)

Industry Night! February 4, 2016