Academic Documents

Notification of Student Absence and Submission of Request for Relief for Missed Academic Work

  1. If you are seeking relief for missed academic work because of an absence lasting less than three days in duration, you must use the McMaster Student Absence Form.
  2. Absences lasting more than three days must be reported to the Associate Dean’s Office (JHE-A214) and appropriate documentation must be provided. For medical absences, the University reserves the right to require students to obtain medical documentation from the Student Wellness Centre.
  3. You should expect to have academic commitments Monday through Saturday but not on Sunday or statutory holidays. If you require an accommodation to meet a religious obligation or to celebrate an important religious holiday, you may use the McMaster Student Absence Form or contact the Associate Dean’s Office.
  4. At the second request for relief of academic missed work, you will be asked to meet with the Assistant or Associate Dean (or delegate). Relief for missed academic work is not guaranteed.
  5. You are responsible to contact your instructor(s) promptly to discuss the appropriate relief.
  6. It is the prerogative of the instructor of the course to determine the appropriate relief for missed term work in his/her course.