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Dr. Michael J. Tait

B.E.Sc., Ph.D. (Western), P.Eng., FCSCE.

Office JHE 301
Extension 26469
Email address

Professor and Chair, Civil Engineering
Joe NG/JNE Consulting Chair in Design, Construction and Management in Infrastructure Renewal

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Structures and Earthquake Engineering

Research Interests

  • Structural Dynamics
  • Structural Monitoring and Control
  • Retrofit/Rehabilitation of Structures

Specific Research Interests and Activities:

  • Active/Passive Vibration Control Devices
  • Tuned Liquid Dampers (TLD), Tuned Liquid Column Dampers (TLCD), and Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD)
  • Full Scale Monitoring of Structures
  • Pseudo-dynamic Testing
  • Blast Loading

Recent Publications

  • Van Engelen, NC., Tait, MJ., Konstantinidis, D. (2016) "Development of Design Code Oriented Formulas for Elastometric Bearings Including Bulk Compressibility and Reinforcement Extensibility." Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 04016024.
  • Osgooei, PM., Konstantinidis, D., Tait, MJ. (2016) "Variation of the Vertical Stiffness of Strip-Shaed Fiber-Reinforced Elastometric Isolaters under Lateral Loading." Composite Structures, Vol. 144, pp. 177-184.
  • Khalfan, M., El-Dakhakhni, W., Tait, MJ. (2016) "Seismic Risk Assessment of Nonengineered Residential Buildings in Developing Countries." Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, 04016013.
  • Al-Anany, YM., Tait, MJ. (2015) "A numerical study on the compressive and rotational behaviour of fiber reinforced elastomeric isolaters (FREI)." Composite Structures, Vol. 133, pp. 1249-1266.
  • Soliman, IM., Tait, MJ., El Damatty, EI. (2015) "Development and Validation of Finite Element Structure-Tuned Liquid Damper System Models." Journal of Dynamic System, Measurement and Control, 137 (11), 111001.
  • ElSayed, M., El-Dakhakhni, W., Tait, M. (2015) "Resilience Evaluation of Seismically Detailed Reinforced Concrete-Block Shear Walls for Blast-Risk Assessment." Journal of Performance of Constructed Faculities, 04015087.
  • Love, JS., Tait, MJ. (2015) "The Nonlinear peak response distribution of structure-TLD systems during common wind events." Engineering Structures, Vol. 100, pp. 226-237.
  • ElSayed, M., Campidelli, M., El-Dakhakhni, W., Tait, MJ. (2015) "Simplied Framework for Blast-Risk-Based Cost-Benefit Analysis for Reinforced Concrete-Block Buildings." Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, 04015077.
  • Osgooei, PM., Tait, MJ., Konstantinidis, D. (2015) "Seismic Isolation of a Shear Wall Structure Using Rectangular Fiber-Reinforced Elastomeric Isolators" Journal of Structural Engineering, 04015116.
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  • Campidelli, M., El-Dakhakhni, W., Tait, MJ., Mekky, W. (2015) "Blast Design-Basis Threat Uncertainty and Its Effects on Probabilistic Risk Assessment." ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering. 1 (4), 04015012.
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  • Love, JS., Tait, MJ. (2015) "The response of structures equipped with tuned liquid dampers of complex geometry." Journal of Vibration and COntrol, 21 (6), pp. 1171-1187.
  • ElSayed, M., El-Dakhakhni, W., Tait, MJ. (2015) "Response Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Block Structural Walls Subjected to Blast Loading." Journal of Structural Engineering, 141 (11), 04015043.
  • Love, JS., Tait, MJ. (2015) "Multiple Tuned Liquid Dampers for Efficient and Robust Structural Control." Journal of Structural Engineering, 141 (12), 04015045.
  • Van Engelen, NC., Osgooei, PM., Tait, MJ., Konstantinidis, D. (2015) "Partially bonded fiber-reinforced elastomeric isolators (PB-FREIs)." Structural Control and Health Monitoring, 22 (3), pp. 417-432.
  • Osgooei, PM., Van Engelen, NC., Konstantinidis, D., Tait, MJ. (2015) "Experiemental and finite element study on the lateral response of modified rectangular fiber-reinforced elastomeric isolators (MS-FREIs)." Engineering Structures, Vol. 85, pp. 293-303.
  • Van Engelen, NC., Konstantinidis, D., Tait, MJ. (2015) "Structural and nonstructural performance of a seismically isolated building using stable unbounded fiber-reinforced elastomeric isolators." Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics, 45 (3), pp. 421-439.
  • Linde, JK., Tait, MJ., El-Dakhakhni, W., Razavi, SN. (2015) "FRP-Confined Concrete Composite Retrofit System for Structural Steel Columns." Journal of Composites for Construction, 19 (5), 04014086.