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Q. What is the Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences (iBioMed) program?
A. The iBioMed program is the first program in Canada to offer a truly interdisciplinary 5-year biomedical program that integrates Engineering with Health Sciences. It is the only Health Sciences program in health, engineering and entrepreneurship. There are applied learning opportunities with a strong emphasis on inquiry and problem based learning (PBL).



Q. What are the admission requirements?
A. Admission for the iBioMed program is by selection. Students will be assessed based on their top 6 grade 12 U/M courses including:

Students must complete the supplementary application as well. [See Supplementary Application]

Q. If I do not complete all 3 sciences (biology, chemistry and physics) in grade 12, can I still be considered for the program?
A. Students presenting only 2 of the 3 sciences must notify the Admissions Office upon application. The office will then consider students on a case-by-case basis. Students are encouraged to complete the third science through night or online class.

Q. What is the cut-off?
A. The minimum average required for consideration is 90%. The supplementary application will be used in combination with the student’s academic performance. This global assessment will help us decide who we will welcome to our Engineering community in September 2017.

Q. How many spaces are available in the program?
A. We will be admitting 140 students for September 2017. Beginning in second year, stude
nts will pursue more specialized courses of study in the:

Students will indicate their preferred stream upon application to the program.

Q. How many spaces are allotted for each second year stream?
A. 90 spaces are available in the B.Eng.BME stream and 50 spaces are available the B.H.Sc. stre

Q. Am I guaranteed free choice if I am admitted into the iBioMed program?
A. Similar to Engineering I, students are eligible to receive Free Choice of their 2nd year Engineering discipline upon receiving an offer of admission to iBioMed. Only students entering into the B.Eng.BME stream with Free Choice can use that Free Choice. They will select from 1 of 8 Level II Engineering programs (chemical, civil, electrical, engineering physics, materials, mechanical, mechatronics, or software)

Q. When will the offers of admission go out?
A. Offers of admission for the iBioMed program will go out in Early May.

Q. If I am not admitted to the iBioMed program am I given an alternate offer of admission to the Engineering I or Bachelor of Health Sciences programs?
A. No. The iBioMed program is a separate direct entry program that will not guarantee acceptance into Engineering I or the Bachelor of Health Sciences. Students interested in the Engineering I or the Bachelor of Health Sciences programs must apply separately on the OUAC website.



Q. What does the supplementary application entail?
A. Students will require an internet connected computer with a functioning webcam and microphone. After paying the $40 registration fee, students will be asked a question, given prep time, and a set amount of time to respond. There will be three questions asked. Two involve verbal responses while the third requires a written response. It will take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

Q. If I apply for both Engineering I & iBioMed do I have to complete two supplementary applications?
A. Students only need to complete the supplementary application once regardless of whether or not they apply to both programs. This is due to the fact that the supplementary applications are same. However, the questions are drawn from a large bank so everyone will likely being answering unique questions.

Q. Do I need a webcam and microphone for the supplementary application? What happens if I do not have one?
A. It is highly recommended that the students’ responses be recorded using a webcam and microphone. Responses can be recorded using other methods (i.e.: phone) but it is not recommended. If the student does not have access to a webcam and microphone, the student should somehow find access to them.

Q. If I am experiencing technical issues while completing the supplementary application, who do I contact?
A. Please contact KIRA Talent, the company who will be administering the supplementary application. Their contact information will be available on the supplementary application portal.

Q. How much practice time is provided?
A. The system allows for unlimited practice sessions but once the student starts the formal interview questions, he/she will only get one chance. This allows us to see their candid responses.

Q. When is the supplementary application due?
A. Students must apply to iBioMed on by January. In mid-January, applicants will receive an email invitation from KIRA Talent describing the video interview in more detail. From mid-January to early February, applicants are given time to practice (approximately 1.5 weeks) before completing the video interview. The supplementary application will be due mid-February (exact date TBD).



Q. Which faculty do I fall under at McMaster University?
A. Students will be a part of a dual faculty of Engineering and Health Sciences, which makes it a very unique program within Canada.

Q. What is the first year curriculum?
A. The iBioMed program shares a common integrated first year curriculum for both degree options.

Q. Which first year courses are unique to the iBioMed program?
A. Students will take a 10 unit course that spans two semesters. This course integrates fundamentals from first year engineering (ENG 1P03, ENG 1D04, ENG 1C03 & MATLS 1M03) as well as health sciences to design and create a device that has real world applications in the health field.

Q. Can I complete iBioMed 1P10 - Health Solutions Design Projects I during the summer between first and second year?
A. No. This class will only be offered during the fall and winter terms.

Q. How do I select my stream after first year?
A. As enrolment is limited in each of the two degree options, where there is more demand than spaces, competition will be based on first-year academic achievement. All students who successfully complete the first year of the program will have a space in one of the two degree options.

Q. What is the difference between Engineering I and the iBioMed program?
A. The iBioMed program is a direct entry program, unlike Engineering I. It incorporates a 10 unit course unique to the new program that integrates the key principles in engineering and health sciences. From second year to fifth year, entrepreneurship courses are integrated throughout the curriculum. To promote collaboration, students in the iBioMed program will complete a series of project-based design courses intended to develop their working knowledge of contemporary issues related to society, ethics, and professionalism while developing biomedical engineering solutions to real-world healthcare problems (ex. design a longer lasting hip replacement, construct a less expensive MRI machine, create a more durable prosthetic arm)

Q. Can I still participate in co-op?
A. Yes. Each specialization in this program is also offered with a co-op option, providing students the opportunity to complete at least 12 months of paid industrial/practical experience prior to graduation.



Q. Can I transfer into the iBioMed program after first year?
A. There is no guarantee a transfer into the iBioMed program will be possible. There may be a small amount of seats for transfer, but will be prioritized based on the student’s GPA.

Q. If I would like to transfer from the B.Eng.BME stream into the B.H.Sc. stream, is this possible?
A. There is no guarantee of a transfer from the B.Eng.BME stream into the B.H.Sc. stream, or vice versa. Transfer requests will be reviewed based on available seats in the desired program, and prioritized based on the student’s GPA.


Q. Are there specific scholarships for the iBioMed program?
A. Applicants can apply for 14 Dean’s Excellence Entrance Scholarships valued at $7,500 each. This will also include an Undergraduate Summer Research Award valued at $5,000. Students will undertake ground-breaking research under the guidance of distinguished faculty mentors and will be actively engaged within research groups of graduate and undergraduate student researchers.


Q. What are my career possibilities after graduating from this program?
A. Students will have unique combination of skills and knowledge that the iBioMed program will provide, graduates will not only be uniquely positioned for career in the biomedical engineering, biotechnology, and health and biomedical science sectors of the economy, they will also remain well-positioned for careers that fall within the spectrum of their parent discipline (ex. Civil, Electrical, Software etc). Health, Engineering Science and Entrepreneurship graduates will have skills to develop new private sector opportunities. Furthermore, graduates will be well equipped to pursue further studies in graduate research or professional health sciences careers, such as medicine.


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